Sunday, October 7, 2018

October News

The third grade students are reading CharlotteĊ› Web and have a little less than half to go.  I think it is great that as a class they are reading a big chapter book.  Many of them have probably never done that before. We have been working on concepts such as making inferences, character traits, sequencing, theme, asking questions when they read, along with basic comprehension skills which is helping their vocabulary increase. 

The fourth grade class has finished reading I Survived the Attack of September 11th.  We are still working on answering questions from the book.  Some of the skills we are covering are sequencing, critical thinking, making inferences, character traits, theme, along with reading and learning basic comprehension skills. 

I look forward to meeting with each of you at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

3rd/4th grade ELA

This week our third graders are working on the setting of Charlotte's Web.  They are really starting to like this book.  It has so many descriptions that the movie does not give.  They have also been working on their interactive notebooks.  They will get to show those at Parent Teacher Conferences.  I'm excited for them to show you their work.  Some of them are very nice.

Our fourth graders are over half way through the  I Survived book.  When we stop reading and have to switch classes, they want to read more.  It really is a good book. We have been working on their interactive notebooks and learning about making inferences. 

We have been using our homeroom time wisely reading AR books and taking tests, along with finishing our morning work.  They are really starting to get the hang of it this year. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Welcome to Mrs. Light's classroom page.

Welcome to Mrs. Light's class page.

3rd grade ELA 
     The students are doing a book study on Charlotte's Web. 

4th grade ELA 
     The students are doing a book study on I Survived The Attacks of September 11, 2001.       

Each class is using Readworks to develop skills and concepts through daily practice. Some skills targeted will be: drawing conclusions, making inferences, plot, setting, author's purpose, and contect clues to name a few. 
Here is the site if you would like to work with your child at home.

Each class will also be working on an interactive notebook which will include daily skills.

Each student has an AR goal set for the 1st quarter. They will have their AR book from the library. Please check with them daily. 

Here is a list of a few sites that you may use to work with your child at home.
For the younger readers —-